Enterprise social networking can foster a sense of connectedness in remote workforces

Enterprise social networking

The Covid-19 pandemic necessitated many businesses to transition into remote workforces. There are many effective business tools available that enhances remote working and allows for business as usual, however it is harder to replicate the sense of belonging and spontaneous idea sharing that happens organically in shared office spaces. Enterprise social networking has been successfully used by companies to unite geographically dispersed workforces, increase leadership visibility, improve internal communication and collaboration and streamline business processes.

During Covid-19 Enterprise social networking has also been used as a tool to ease the transition into remote working and act as a platform for employees to motivate each other during difficult times. This infographic highlights some features and success stories from two popular enterprise social networks: Workplace from Facebook and Yammer from Microsoft.

Note: to access the case study clickable links, download the pdf version of the infographic.