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I schedule weekly virtual status meetings with clients. During these status meetings you will get a comprehensive update on your project, we can discuss any questions or concerns and close out any pending items.

Time to delivery will depend on the scope and complexity of your project. For example, an eCommerce store with an inventory of 5 single products will take considerably less time to complete than an eCommerce store with an inventory of 500 variable products, each with 5 size options and 6 patterns with different photographs and descriptions. During the quoting stage I will advise you of the expected time frame for completion of your project.

I charge a 30% non-refundable deposit on all projects in order to commence work. This fee allows me to cover some costs should an instance arise where a client is unable to honour a payment commitment. For website design, the deposit fee applies to commence work and the client is required to settle the full cost of the website prior to the website going live and/or the login credentials being handed over.

One of the benefits of a website that is built on a content management system, is that you can opt to manage the site yourself. I will always hand over login credentials and never use such credentials to “lock in” a client. In addition, to prevent a situation where a client is unable to access an account if something happens to me (e.g. sudden accident or illness), I always recommend opening the account in the client’s name, and to add me as an authorised user on the account. That way I can still perform the services on your behalf (especially if you outsource your site maintenance to me), but should something happen to me you will still be the primary account holder with associated rights. The only instance where I may temporarily withhold login credentials, is where there is an outstanding payment for the creation of the website.

As a small business owner myself, I sympathise with the realities of start-up costs and cash flow problems. Unfortunately, I cannot accept requests for free work as I ultimately need to make a living. I have carefully considered my pricing structure and offer various pricing options and tiered packages to suit different budgets. From time to time I may run promotions offering discounted rates, to be notified of special offers sign up for my newsletter here.

When it comes to volunteer work for NPOs as part of making a positive social contribution, I may offer my services on an-hoc basis to causes that are close to my heart (finances and time permitting). However, my involvement will typically be through organised events or platforms, not through individual volunteer requests.

A classic case of “the shoemaker’s children don’t have shoes”. As a freelancer (one single resource in the business) I am focusing my time on producing my clients’ work, continuous learning/skills development and running the administrative side of my business. The downside is that I end up neglecting the digital experience in my own business, something I admit I need to pay closer attention to in the future.

I know that trusting a freelancer you have never worked with can be daunting. A great way to break the ice is to schedule a 15 minute virtual introduction meeting with me to get a sense of who I am, how I work and whether we have compatible work and communication styles. I can also provide you with references from previous or existing clients who can vouch for my reliability and the quality of my work.